All this awesomeness could be yours to experience for Notting Hill Carnival 2019

25 NOVEMBER 2018

Notting Hill Carnival launch coming up

The most anticipated band launch for Notting hill Carnival 2019



Multi-coloured fabulousness with silver and AB accents

red or dead

Tones of vibrant red with touches of gold and AB detailing

orange bliss

Juicy tangerine, mid orange, peach with silver and AB accents

feeling blue

Royal blue, deep turquoise, light turquoise tones, sky blue with gold and AB accents

exotic purple

Lush deep purple, violet, light purple, pale lilac with silver and AB accents

green peace

Forest green, apple, lime, mint with silver and AB accents

pink passion

Fuchsia, hot pink, light pink, bubblegum with gold and AB accents

hello yellow

Egg yolk, banana, pale yellow with gold and AB accents


50 shades of grey ranging from dark grey, mid-grey and white, with silver, AB accents and touches of gunmetal

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Made-to-measure costumes includes premium carnival experience right here in the UK

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Close to what you will get in a top ten Trinidad Carnival band.
Chris Boothman
This is an absolutely amazing band!! My first carnival in the UK! The quality of the costumes is the best I've seen ever!!

Great job and looking forward to playing with you again!
Jason MrCool
Second year playing mas... might go for a hat-trick in 2019!!! The costumes are absolutely lush
Kay Dainty Geminii