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Amorous Mas – Monochrome 2019

£100.00£275.00 PPVAT

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Bottom Option *

Monokini are only available with thong or Bikini Bottom. Please do not mix Shorts with Monokini as this is not an option.

Bottom Size *

Top Option *

Wire Bras above a DD Cup will be rejected and downgraded to a regular Bra

Bra Size *

Females Please Enter your bra Size, Males please enter N/A
Please Note Bras Larger than a 40 Back or a E Cup you will be required to supply your own bra.

Hip Belt Size *

Please measure and select the size of where you would like your belt part of your costume to sit, This is usually half way between your small waist and the widest part of your hips.

Food Selection *

Complimentary T-shirt Style *

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  • Description
    • Female Base Costume – £275.00
    • Female Collar Add-on – £60.00
    • Female Large Headpiece Add-on – £175.00
    • Female Backpack Add-on – £180.00
    • Male Backline Costume – £275.00
    • Male Frontline Headpiece Add-on £150.00  
    • All Deposits are Non-Refundable or Transferable 

    Your Premium Costume Package includes:

    • Your Amorous Premium Costume
    • Complimentary Sunday Dutty Mas T-Shirt
    • Amorous Exclusive Goodie Bag
    • Amorous Thermal Cup and sports bottle
    • Complimentary Drinks
    • Hot and Continental Breakfast
    • Hot Lunch
    • Light Snacks
    • Top Security
    • Customer Service Reps
    • Mobile Restrooms
    • Roped off Band
    • 3 Music Trucks
    • 7 Top local and international Soca Djs Representing all Caribbean islands
    • Free access to our Thank You Party.


  • Additional information
    Amorous Mas Monochrome

    Female Base Tiara Costume Deposit £100.00 Deposit, Female Base Collar with Tiara £130.00 Deposit, Female Base Large Frontline Headpiece £185.00 Deposit, Female Base Large Frontline Headpiece and Backpack £275.00 Deposit, Female Base Back Pack and Tiara Deposit £190.00 Deposit, Male with Large Headpiece £175.00 Deposit, Male With Backline Headpiece – Deposit £100.00 Deposit

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