Fun Mas Euphoria

£50.00£160.00 PPVAT

Masquerader Details *

Add Ons *

If wearing T-Shirt or Monokini With Feather collar please select N/A

Top Option *

If playing 2 days and purchasing Monokini and feather collar please select T-Shirt options also.

Top Size *

Bottom size *

Bottom Option *

Please note Monokinis are not available with hot shorts bottom.

Food option *

Delivery Service *

We only deliver to UK Addresses. Delivery Service for T-shirt packages only if you are buying a feather collar this is exempt from our delivery service due to size of item. Deliveries will start from 10th August 2019

  • Description
    • 2 Day Saver Package – £150.00
    • Monday only T-shirt Fun Mas package – £115.00
    • 2 Day Monokini and Collar Saver Package – £195.00
    • Monday Monokini and Collar only package – £160.00
    Package Includes
    • 18 Years AND OVER Only (ID will be required)
    • T-Shirt Fun Mas Package or Monokini and feather collar options
    • T-Shirt and Surf Short options
    • Arm and Head Accessories
    • Breakfast, Hot Lunch and Snacks
    • Mobile Restrooms
    • Top Quality Service
    • Complimentary Beverages
    • Tight but Polite Security Team and dedicated Stewards
    • 3 x 45ft Trucks Powered by Elements Sound systems, RC1 and TPAudio
    • Top class friendly Security
    • 7 Top Djs Playing 100% Soca, Zouk and Bouyon from every island
    • Roaming Photographers
    • UCOM Thermal Cup for Drinks
    • Goodie Bag
    • First Aiders
    • T-shirt styles and sizes are only guaranteed if ordered and paid by 30th June 2019 (Monokini cut off date 30th May 2019).
    • Packages must be collected from the camp on assigned days



  • Additional information
    Euphoria Fun Mas 2019

    Standard Fun Mas Package – Deposit, Standard 2 Day Fun Mas Package – Deposit, Premium 2 day Monokini and Collar Package – Deposit, Premium 1 day Monokini and Collar Package – Deposit, Standard Fun Mas Package Full Payment, Standard 2 Day Fun Mas Package Full Payment, Premium 2 day Monokini and Collar Package Full Payment, Premium 1 day Monokini and Collar PackageFull Payment

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