Ashanti Premium by Hype Mas


Ashanti Tribe by Hype Mas 
Male Backline £295.00 
Female Backline £325.00
Male Frontline £495.00
Female frontline £545.00

All deposits are non-refundable.

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Your Premium Costume Package includes:

  • Your Hype Mas Premium Costume
  • Complimentary Sunday Hype Mas Dutty Mas T-Shirt
  • Hype Mas Goodie Bag
  • Hype Mas Thermal Cup and sports bottle
  • Complimentary Drinks
  • Hot and Continental Breakfast
  • Hot Lunch
  • Light Evening Snacks
  • Improved Security for 2020
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Mobile Restrooms
  • Roped off Band
  • 3 Music Trucks
  • 7 Top local and international Soca Djs Representing all Caribbean islands
  • Roaming Photographer and videographer